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Volume 1 / Issue 1



A collection of articles from around the web providing information and insights in the retail, restaurant, and manufacturing industries.


Consumers can’t get enough of private label.

Some 61.3% of consumers said they would switch to private label if inflation persisted. (Supermarket News)


Grocery ‘shrinkflation’ drives consumers to generic brands.

New research from Morning Consult shows 48% of consumers have switched brands to avoid shrinkflation at the grocery store and 49% made the switch to a generic brand. (Food & Beverage Insider)


“Brand loyalty only goes so far. How far is too far? Well, for almost half of consumers, shrinkflation is too far.”


Why Egg prices have been rising, and when we could see relief.

Average egg prices jumped 49.1% in November compared with those a year earlier — the largest annual percentage increase among all grocery items in that period, according to the consumer price index, a barometer of inflation. (CNBC)


Gen Alpha set to make its mark on food & beverage in 2023

The youngest population, Gen Alpha, is expected to be the most diverse and technologically adept generation yet—and they’re reaching the age of influence. (Food & Beverage Insider)





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