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Volume 1 / Issue 2

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A collection of articles from around the web providing information and insights in the retail, restaurant, and manufacturing industries.


5 food and beverage trends to watch in 2023

Here are 5 of the top trends to lookout for as get into the heart of 2023 (Food & Beverage Insider)


73% of consumers concerned with shrinkflation

Nearly half of respondents said they were likely to switch to generic products over their name brand or switch to a different brand. (Supermarket News)


Unfavorable West Coast weather affecting season's fruits, veggies

Increased costs of produce due to flooding in California could add further pressure to the supply chain. (Food & Beverage Insider)


2023 red meat production expected to be lower


The US Department of Agriculture in its March 14 Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook forecast total red meat and poultry production in 2023 at 107,144 million pounds, down 323 million pounds, or 0.3%, from 107,467 million pounds in 2022. If realized, it would be the first decrease in total red meat and poultry production since a 1.2% drop in 2014. (Meat + Poultry)



We are constantly considering our customers feedback in order to make the user experience as current and efficient as possible. Last year we gave the buyer homepage a complete overhaul. This past quarter we pushed several enchancemnts that were requested direclty by our clients. 

  1. You now have a shortcut to the Award Summary page for all Awarded Events. There is a new "A" icon next to Awarded Events. If you click on the icon, you will be taken directly to the Award Summary page.

  2. Next to each event on your homepage, you will see a bar/line after the event name. This line will either be gray, yellow or green. Gray will represent events that are in program review. Yellow will represent events that are waiting to be accepted by selected hosts/buyers. Green will represent events that have been approved and sent out to vendors. 

  3. If you are marked as the primary host, you will also see an "!" next to the event name if there is action to be taken such as an approval needed by you to finalize the event.



Please feel free to contact any of the individuals below for additional information on the categories listed above, or for any additional information on potential categories you may need to source.

Jason Heffelfinger



Teresa Yost



Lindsay Bernacchi


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